References ("Referenzen")

Referenzen von Urs C. Koenig
& Koenig Corporate Text & Consulting (Koenig CTC)

(References of Urs C. Koenig; incl. Koenig CTC from 2008 to 2020)

Universitätsausbildung ('Academic Career')

  • Diplom-Kaufmann (Univ.) - Equivalent to Master's degree ('Master of Science in Business Administration'; see on this page on the right side - as PDF-document)
  • Diplom-Kulturmanager (Univ.) - Equivalent to Master's degree ('Master of Arts in Cultural Administration')
  • additionally: Urs C. Koenig is searching for a publicly financed University where he can write his PhD thesis at = fields: strategic management, sports management, health care management, financial industries, international media economics, international politics)

Redaktion und Pressearbeit sowie journalistische Beratung

Direkt-Belieferung von Redaktionen (auch international) mit Infos & Zusammenfassungen/sowie eventuelle Kommentierungen zu Politik, Wirtschaft & Sport und medialer Support für die PR von Unternehmen (ab ca. Anfang 2023 unter

Journalistic Consulting and Investigation Support

2010-2012: (working from Berlin, and referring to NYC and TX/USA)
Having had to handle Scientology offending and right wing fanatism in Germany (clue: the term 'fanatism' includes 'fan'; everybody got it?!)

2014-2016: (working from Berlin and London)
Esp. dealing with Refugee Crisis and lies/betrayal about this in Germany and the political conflict Ucraine/Russia (balancing in the way of  "peacekeeping"), also fighting Islamist Terrorism coming from Middle East and African Countries - and Stalking referring to this, investigating/researching lies in Germany about (e.g. the number of) members/criminals of religious 'cults' and of endangerers referring to terrorism, fighting Satanistic Stalking, fighting the German "political party" AfD and could get it stuck by 12 to 13 percent (potential) voters all over Germany later, as well as fighting prostitution and officially existing gay (perverted) shops and "cruising clubs" in Berlin/Germany

2016-2018: (working from Berlin and referring to London, countries of the EU  and the USA) Esp. dealing with EU and Brexit issues (economically/politically and just as a note: the only country where a so-called "Kingdom" makes sense is UK etc. but with reforms and less/without religious aspects), fighting so-called "Rocker-Clans" from Germany and Eastern Europe (from a geographical view; esp. Russia) as well as Scientology and radical keyspeakers esp. in the USA

2018-2021: (working from Berlin, Amsterdam, Zürich, Koblenz and referring to Frankfurt am Main, Kaiserslautern, NRW; as well as to India, UK, to African countries, China, Japan and the USA)
(in 2020 starting to plan & founding of 'KoenigProJournalist' = 'KoProJo')
Dealing with and working on: conflicts in Syria (balancing), USA-Iran (balancing), Israel/Palestine (balancing), USA-China-Europe, USA-Mexico (balancing) - also working on improving the economical and cultural relations between USA/CAN and USA/CAN/MEX; Fighting abuse in Germany and Vatican State (and religious 'cults') as well as economical abuse and corruption successfully; Starting to clarify nation-based conflicts referring to the economy and 'civil/terroristic war hotspots' in Saudi Arabia (but being hindered then); Claryfying right and left wing populism and extremism in Germany, USA and Italy; claryfying delinquencies in regards of spreading illnesses such as specific cancer, autoimmune illnesses and later 'covid-19'/corona/influenzas; Politics inside the USA (doing and balancing), dealing with EU conflicts, refusing money from the Trump regime (wanted me to stop working) and having been stolen from a potential candidate of the Democrats (besides J. Biden and B. Sanders in 2019) who stole and copied pragmatic political ideas from me in 2019 and added esoterical/pseudo-emotional content to them for her speeches and articles about her. From 2019 on I supported J. Biden as a candidate for the presidentship - though at the end of 2018 the Trump regime wanted to offer me (!?; how could they have had the right, legalization and power to do this?!) the chair of the president of the USA if I would stop working. That's what they firstly wanted to premise and secondly Trump wanted to give a last speech at the end of 2018 with that he wanted to set himself free from all what was done by him and his people around him before. Further on they communicated that I could be the president for "at least twenty years". 

(referring to the above stated years Urs Koenig didn't do texting and by this also no written content work; also no lobbyism or public relations, there was also no dependence to state departments; just reporting, commenting and consulting directly to/with serious as well as official institutions)

If you like to contribute money respectively fund a donation for competent, well-grounded, freedom-based and real politics as well as for best democracy and "no tolerance" for criminality and against any legalization of drugs you can transfer your support to the following bank account of Urs C. Koenig (please, when doing this, also send a fax or e-mail to state the funding/donation):

BIC: PBNKDEFF (Postbank Deutschland), IBAN: 100100100310723136,
Account holder: Urs Koenig

Wissenschaftlich fundierte & praxisbezogene Management-Texte

Mehr als 1.200 Seiten erstellt von 2008 bis 2020; von Studienmaterial bis hin zu Gutachten und Whitepapers; ca. 2.000 Seiten redigiert/fachlich und sprachlich lektoriert

Online-Text: Homepage, Newsletter, Press Releases
Mehr als 1.600 Texte (ein- bis mehrseitig) für diverse Unternehmen erstellt, mehr als 700 Texte (fach-)lektoriert


Studienleiter Bachelor-Studiengänge, Fachautor, Dozent, Projektcoaching (angestellt) und Gutachter (angestellt und selbständig im Jahr 2008) bei Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin, School of Management and Innovation (SMI) in Stuttgart und Berlin sowie Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kooperationspartner Bayerische Akademie für Wirtschaftskommunikation eG (BAW) in München

Mehr als 85 Unternehmen und Freiberufler konnten in den Jahren 2008 bis 2020 von Koenig CTCs (Koenig Corporate Text & Consulting) Beratung und textbasiertem Content profitieren.
2020 und 2021 wurde sodann der PR- und Journalismus-Dienstleister 'KoProJo' (KoenigProJournalist) in ersten Grundzügen geplant und konzipiert (Start von 'KoProJo' Anfang des Jahres 2023). 

Als Referenzbeispiel für den Bereich Start-up siehe z.B. die Kleiderhelden GmbH (, die 2011 & 2012 in den Bereichen Strategie und Kommunikation sowie bei der Planung und Umsetzung des "Kleiderhelden-Unternehmens" beraten wurde. 

Noch deutlich bevor Koenig CTC im Jahr 2008 gegründet wurde, konzipierte und textete Urs C. Koenig im Jahr 2004 die Imagebroschüre der Netpoint GmbH (, einem deutschlandweit und international agierenden IT- und EDV-Dienstleistungsunternehmen - dies war sein damals erster Texter- und Contentauftrag als selbständiger Unternehmer (der 2003/2004 hauptsächlich als Künstlervermittler arbeitete) und er konnte damals in 2004 einen Wettbewerb zur Auftragsvergabe ("Pitch") gegenüber einer Düsseldorfer Werbeagentur für sich entscheiden.